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Welcome to St. John the Evangelist!

We are a community of Christians who worship God and seek to serve Christ in others.  We are nourished in the Anglican tradition through scripture, common prayer and sacraments.  We invite you, wherever you find yourself in your journey of faith, to join us on the path.

Weekly Services: 
Sat. at 5:00pm (said Holy Eucharist) - temporarily suspended
Sun. at 8:00am (said Holy Eucharist) - temporarily suspended
Sun. at 10:00am 
(sung Holy Eucharist) - Online Via Facebook Live
Wed. at 10:00am (said Holy Eucharist, Book of Common Prayer) - temporarily suspended
*Children’s Sunday School offered at 10am Sundays September – June - temporarily suspended 

Located on unceded traditional Omànìwininì (Algonquin) territory.

Lent at St John's 

 Signs of Life: Why Church Matters
A program designed and produced by the Society of St. John the Evangelist and Lifelong Learning at Virginia Theological Seminary, in Alexandria Virginia that explores how the central symbols of Christian Worship – Light, Water, Food, Shelter and Community – reveal the ways God meets us and feeds us in these abundant signs. 
*online study - https://www.signsoflife.org

Healing Prayers Starting in Lent, those who wish to receive the laying on of hands and prayers for healing are invited to bring their bulletin up to the Communion rail, to signal this to the priest.

The Sacrament of Reconciliation is available from the clergy if you are carrying a burden or contrition which you feel called to confess. Feel free to speak with Canon Catherine, Fr. Jim or Fr. Brian.

Prayer Requests During Lent, Canon Catherine follows the monastic tradition of praying the night offices. If you have special prayer requests, please forward them to her in confidence using one of the “prayer request” envelopes available at the church entrances, or by placing them in one of the boxes marked “Prayer Requests”.

Personal Study / Devotion Resources
40acts.org.uk is the generosity challenge for Lent created by UK Christian charity Stewardship. Resources are available by signing up on the website. Family wall charts are available a the church entrances.
Lenten coin folders are available at the church entrances. Or consider your own Lenten “Mite” box or jar.
PWRDF is offering an audio reflection on the Gospels of Lent.
Subscribe for free at https://pwrdf.org/get-involved/lent2020/

Lent is a forty-day period of fasting and preparation, and dates from the fourth century. It was, in particular a time of special discipline for those who were to be baptized at Easter. It has remained as an observance undertaken by all the baptized.
Lent is a period that depends on the Paschal Mystery – the life, death and resurrection of Christ as events in the spiritual world, as mysteries which impinge directly on our lives in their depth and power. It is not a season about being miserable. It is a season which invites us to journey more closely with Jesus and enter more fully into the Paschal Mystery.
As we enter the season of Lent, St. John’s and its liturgies take on some distinctive practices. The reredos is empty of flowers. The Paschal Candle is removed from its place and the font and crosses are draped in purple. At the Wednesday Eucharist, we pray the additional collect for Lent following the Collect of the Day. At 10am on Sundays we begin with the Penitential order and the sentence of the day as a way of
calling us into a time of self-reflection and examination. Gone is the Gloria; the Alleluias are buried until Easter. The psalms are sung by a cantor with the congregation joining in the refrain – an opportunity to hear the words of the psalmist in a different way and to respond to those words as a whole congregation. The intercessions take on a more plaintive tone.