Parish Sign
The sign on the lawn in front of the parish hall features Bible verses to remind us of
God’s love for us. The next sign will be, “I am the Way, the Truth and the Life”. (John
14:4-6). According to William Barclay’s commentary, he says that thanks to Thomas
who doubted and questioned Jesus, we received Jesus’ answer in “I am the way, the
truth and the life.” These three are all realized fully in Jesus himself. We must walk in
the path or way God has set for us. Jesus not only gives us advice and direction but
also takes us by the hand and leads us. He does not tell us about the way; he is the
way. So it is with the truth. Through choosing the way of faithfulness we try to live by
the truth. Jesus embodied the truth. Jesus is the truth. Jesus also said, “I am the life.”
By following Jesus we are trying to find what will make life worth living. Life with Jesus
is life indeed.